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The EPROMS listed here are ones that are popular and ready to ship. If you need something that isn't listed here, which is likely, you can email me the file or point me to a website where I can download it. Even if you don't have the file, email me and I'll more than likely be able to help you out. Alternatively I might already have the file you're looking for but will only program it once it has been ordered. Like every order, it will be programmed and mailed to you within 48 hours of payment.

As always if you have any questions please send me an email.

Pac-Man 4-1 Menu-Driven Mod - 25.00
This is the latest 4-1 Hack created by Jason Souza (Aug 2007) . This modification uses two eproms and allows you to play Pac Man (Speedup & cheats), as well as Ms. PacMan (Speedup & Cheats) WITHOUT having to use a toggle switch. You simply select the game from a start-up menu.
It is NOT a simple ROM swap.
Please see the link above to understand the alterations needed on the board.
Williams Multi-Game 2 EPROM Set - 20.00
These 2 chips are for the Williams Multi-Game kit available from There is a 4M Eprom for the Game Rom, and a 'double' image 512K Rom for the sound chip which elimates some of the sound problems sometimes found on the 'normal' 256K Rom
Williams Multi-Game High Score Hack - 12.00
This is a modification for the 6-1 Multi-Williams kit (see above) which allows you to fill the entire High Score page with the same initials rather than the 5 entry limit. This is a single chip replacement for the Williams Multi-game available from
Williams Multi-Game 2 Eprom Set with High Score Hack - 17.00
This is the two Eprom set (Game and Sound) for the 6-1 Multi-William kit with the High Score Hack. (see above)

Tron Freeplay chip - 15.00
This mod was written by Tim at . This chip replaces your chip at D2 on your Tron PCB. It allows you to enjoy free play on your Tron machine so you don't have to keep opening the door to coin it up.

Smash TV Pleasure Dome Eproms (Version 8) - 25.00
This two Eprom upgrade allows you to reach the elusive Pleasure Dome Level. This level is not accessible with the standard roms. You need Version 8 Eproms to access this secret level.
Pac-Man/Ms.Pac-Man cheat/speedup chip - 15.00
This chip replaces your chip at 6F on your Pac/ Ms.Pac PCB. It allows you to speed up by pressing the player 2 start button and become invincible to the ghosts by pressing the player 1 start button. This great hack is courtesy of the PacManiac himself, Dock Cutlip .

Pac-Man Split Screen ROM Patch at 6E - 15.00
This ROM will fix the Pac-Man split screen bug at level 255 if you're a really, really good player.

Ms.Pac-Man Alternate Mazes chip - 15.00
This chip replaces your chip at U6 on your Ms.Pac-Man Auxiliary PCB. It allows you to play a variety of 4 new mazes.

Gallag to Galaga chip - 15.00
This chip replaces your chip at 4C on your Gallag PCB. It changes the copyright to the correct year as well as by Namco and changes the name from Gallag to Galaga.

Galaga Rapid Fire EPROM - 15.00
The Galaga rapid fire hack is a single EPROM at location 3J on a Midway Galaga CPU board. Galaga still will only allow 2 shots at the same time but the bullets move so fast that you can barely press the fire button fast enough to get more than one shot going.

Eprom Programming Request - 15.00ea
Use this for any purchases you would like to make or any requests for programming where you have already emailed the file(s). Select Quanity if more than 1 chip is needed